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Sally Mason outrage glosses over cultural reality

I had the pleasure last night to catch up with a western Iowa friend and colleague who said he would like to read my take on the recent controversy surrounding University of Iowa President Sally Mason. And since I’ve taken a few day of vacation this week, there’s no excuse for my not indulging him […]

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Send condolences, support to Mary Wolfe

While making a last sweep of the social media feeds tonight, I happened across a tweet from Dave Price of WHO-TV in Des Moines. I skimmed it the first time, had to shake my head, and then went back and read it more slowly about three times before I worked up the courage to click […]

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Face on Polk County Courthouse

Judge offers Branstad civic primer in juvenile home order

If you love a good legal opinion, the recent order in the Iowa Juvenile Home saga by Scott Rosenberg, judge in Iowa’s 5th Judicial District, should be placed on your “must read” list. It’s part hand smacking and a whole lot of elementary civics discussion. Before we get to the best bits, here’s a quick […]

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Women, the Internet & continued harassment

By simple virtue of my age in relation to technology, the ugliness of Internet harassment is something I did not discover until I was in my 20s. One of the things that keeps me awake at night is a nagging worry that this particular ugliness is something my daughters will know their entire lives. The […]

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Grassley’s opposition to VAWA doesn’t hold water

In July 2011, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican who serves as ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, recorded and posted the following video regarding the upcoming reauthorization of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): At that time, at least based on this weekly address, Grassley was concerned about oversight and accountability in […]

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