Thanks for Listening Governors

Friends, family and I have had time to speak with both Governor Culver and Governor Branstad.  Our purpose in meeting with the two of them has been to let them know we need leadership that will speak out on our behalf.  The “powers that be” want to continue to raze our homes and devalue our land.

If you listen much to Cedar Rapids news you hear very often that Mayor Ron Corbett wants to make sure that both sides of the river receive protection from the flood.  What he never explains with his “sympathetic” protection plan is that it involves eradicating the homes in Time Check and Czech Village.  One side note here: How can you have a village with no homes?

The advocates of many flood affected families have worked hard to make sure that before election day that both Governors know the truth behind the Preferred Plan.  We do want flood protection on the west side of the river, we also want the right to keep our property and homes.  The United States Corp of Engineers has said that it is possible to protect our homes and land without taking any of it from us.  They are able to build the flood walls on the river.  You know, just like the ones by downtown.

It’s about this time that you hear someone asking why would you rebuild in a flood zone?  Because this is our property and we have the right to.  Why is the City moving back into a City Hall that is in the MIDDLE of the river?  If anything could be classified as stupid, it would be that.

The City of Cedar Rapids has so many great things about it.  However, if we continue to let City officials deny people’s right to their own property, we have a major problem at hand.

It’s time for the lies to stop and the truth to come out.

Governor Culver has already said he backs the Preferred Plan of the City.  Let’s see if he has a change of heart now that he knows that the Preferred Plan involves more than just “protecting the westside”.  Governor Branstad is still studying it all to see what the best move will be.

Governors we are waiting to hear.  Do you support citizens’ property rights or do you back the plans of those who want to continue to destroy our core neighborhoods?

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Kathy, a Republican, is a southern belle turned Iowan. She lives in eastern Iowa with her husband.

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