Yardy Gate Continues

Evidently, I am not alone in thinking that the City Council adding $540,000 into the City’s budget on Kim Brokaw’s yardy device to “protect” us is ridiculous.  Many, many Cedar Rapidians have spoken up on the subject.  Note: This has been added into the budget but the budget has not yet been approved.  However, this money was specifically added into the budget after cuts were made to reduce spending.  Next budget meeting is March 6.

Why is the amount of money that Kim Brokaw donated to Ron Corbett’s campaign of interest?  Let’s look at Mr. Brokaw’s donations since 2005 in the State of Iowa for those running for local or state elections according to the Iowa Board of Ethics.

  1. Bankers Unite in Legislate Decisions (BUILD) 4/5/2006 $100
  2. Schulte for Senate  $250  6-1-2006
  3. Linn Eagles  $150  1-31-2007
  4. BUILD  $100  3-16-2007
  5. Paulsen for State House Committee $100  10-5-2007
  6. BUILD 4-1-2008  $100
  7. BUILD 3-19-2009 $100
  8. Corbett for Mayor $250  4-1-2009
  9. Corbett for Mayor $149  10-9-2009

As you can see, it is uncommon for Mr. Brokaw to donate to campaigns.  He donated more to Corbett’s campaign than he donated totally to all other candidates in the last three years.  To me, it’s interesting.  What do you think?

Kathy Potts

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Kathy, a Republican, is a southern belle turned Iowan. She lives in eastern Iowa with her husband.

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