GOP gubernatorial hopefuls at event where IDP compared to Nazis

The information in this press release from the Iowa Democratic Party is simply disgusting:

Democrats decry hat speech at Republican gathering, demand to know why Republican hopefuls did not speak out

Rants, Northey, Behn and others attend event where Dems compared to the Nazi Party

Des Moines — Do Republican Gubernatorial hopefuls think Democrats are like the Nazis? The Boone News Republican reported that last Monday Ed Failor, of Iowans for Tax Relief, likened efforts by Democrats to save our economy to the rise of the Nazi Party. Many Republican candidates for Governor attended the event.

Ridiculously, Mr. Failor claims that he was not comparing Democrats to Nazis, but any fair person can see otherwise:

‘Failor, while making sure to clarify that he was not referring to the democrats as Nazis, did draw the comparison between the two. He said that the Nazi party, which started as just another political party in Germany, began their massive rise to power by taking control of private business and means of production – which is exactly what Failor said the Democrats are attempting to do.’ – Boone News Republican 6/18/09

“Those thoughts are hateful — to veterans of the Second World War who fought on D-Day, to people of the Jewish faith, and in fact to any decent person,” said Michael Kiernan, Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. “I am asking the newest candidate for Governor, Chris Rants, and all the prospective Republican candidates two questions: First, do you agree with Ed Failor’s hateful words? And second, if not, why didn’t you speak up?”

In addition to Kiernan’s questions, I have one of my own: Exactly what does this type of speech do to help disaster areas recover, unemployed Iowans find jobs, or cash-strapped dairy and pork producers continue their businesses?

The three Republican officials named in the press release are:

  • Chris Rants — a current member of the Iowa House and gubernatorial candidate
  • Bill Northey — current Iowa Secretary of Agriculture
  • Jerry Behn — current member of the Iowa Senate and possible gubernatorial candidate

And, finally, here’s a link to the news report by Chris Poltratz.

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