Sally Mason outrage glosses over cultural reality

I had the pleasure last night to catch up with a western Iowa friend and colleague who said he would like to read my take on the recent controversy surrounding ...

Telemedicine, even for abortion, is about access

There were many things said during the Iowa House discussion on telemedicine abortion Tuesday night, but one sentence by Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell deserves repeating right here at the top. “This ...

Iowa Supreme Court, Des Moines

Branstad takes juvenile home order to high court

Late Friday afternoon, Gov. Terry Branstad’s Office made its intentions clear toward a court order to reopen the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo. Gov. Branstad is requesting the Iowa Supreme ...


Send condolences, support to Mary Wolfe

While making a last sweep of the social media feeds tonight, I ...
Face on Polk County Courthouse

Judge offers Branstad civic primer in juvenile home order

If you love a good legal opinion, the recent order in the ...

ICYMI: Joni Ernst offers SOTU video response

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, a Red Oak Republican seeking the GOP nomination ...

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Moving the Women’s Economic Agenda forward

Congressional leaders, state activists and “we the people” took part in a telephone meeting Wednesday night to discuss the importance of moving forward on an initiative rolled out last year. Viewers tuned in to the State of the Union address Tuesday night were also introduced to the initiative’s slogan and a few of its key […]

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LWV Legislative Forum, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Jan. 18, 2014 (photo by Lynda Waddington)

Lawmakers talk guns at LWV forum

CEDAR RAPIDS — Although the crowd gathered for a League of Women Voters Legislative Forum on Saturday was mostly quiet as elected officials from Linn County discussed the closing of the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo and possible changes to state behavioral health policy, there was at least one moment when audience members couldn’t remain […]

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Sunday Linkfest & Earworm

Since so many seem to think that the cultural battles involving contraception are a newer edition to the political landscape, this week’s earworm is none other than the amazing Loretta Lynn, who wrote and sang this song in 1975 even if most radio stations at the time refused to air it. … All these years […]

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Religious conservatives plan ‘mission trip’ to statehouse

No doubt you’ve heard about some of the miracles in the Bible. Water was turned into wine. The son of god walked on water. In the Old Testament, Balaam had a talking donkey … On second thought, given Bob Vander Plaats’ numerous bus tours and speaking engagements across the state, a talking jackass can’t really […]

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2012 Nomination Calendar

Al Jazeera America premieres 2012 Iowa Caucus flick

The blog for cable station Al Jazeera America is all abuzz with the Sunday premiere of a documentary on the Republican half of the 2012 Iowa Caucus. With never-before seen glimpses of the candidates and with longer scenes that offer context to the moments that helped define the race, CAUCUS re-introduces viewers to the remarkable […]

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